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SKY ITR LIBYA FOR TRAVEL & TOURISM is a branch of Distal & Itr Group in Italy & also the official representative of Blue Panorama Airlines & Blu Express in Libya .

We are specialized in promoting adventure tours in Libya as well as providing a full range of arrangements and accommodations for tourists (groups or individuals) and business missions.

Our company is aware of the implication that tourism has on both people and nature, which is why we are promoting responsible tourism in Libya , in respect for the tourists as well as for the historical, cultural and natural environment and ecosystem.

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The idea that inspires us is DISCOVER AND EXPERIENCE.

That is why every tour that we are proposing is a well documented and organized tour in order to get the most of it. We think of our tours in terms of:

Ethno tours: we will take you to meet Libyan peoples, the Arabs, the Berbers, the Touaregs & the Tebu people.

Historical tours : get a glimpse of history walking across the magnificent Roman and Greek ruins of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica, go back in time when the desert was a garden by seeing the unbelievable rock paintings in the AKaKus mountains.

Cultural tours: wander along the mud walls painted in vivid colors in the small town of Ghedames and wonder at the beautiful folk art of their handicrafts.

Adventure and environmental tours: experience the harsh life of the desert and sleep under its starry sky, take a dip into the desert surrounded lakes of Gabraoun and Mafo, let yourself amazed by the lunar scenery of the Waw Namus volcano mountain.

Gastronomical tours: you will get to enjoy also the culinary experience as you will taste the famous couscousi, the Libyan shorba, the shackshooka and other delicious Libyan meals.

We invite you to discover and live the adventure of your life time.

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