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Almost unknown till recently when political and historical times changed, Libya proved to the world that it has a great tourist potential.

It's just that Libya has so much to offer to both the history passionate and the adventurous desert trekker.

History tells a story at every step you take in Libya . From the prehistoric cave paintings in Akakus mountains deep-south, to the ancient Garamanti testimonies in Ghat and Germa, to the finest historical sites of Roman and Greek remains scattered all over the Mediterranean coast, refined Islamic testimonies embodied in fortresses and mosques, up to recent days history, one can find it all here in Libya.

The desert and its hidden marvels invite the passionate to take the caravans` routes deep into the Libyan Great Sand Sea .

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The trips that we propose attempt to give a comprehensive and various insight of Libya , covering the country from north to south and from west to east, combining history with desert exploring.

Hotel standards may vary, from finest hotels in the big cities, to cozy small hotels or private villas on the inside itinerary to basic yet comfortable camping tents in the desert.

Most of the traveling will be on good roads and in comfortable vehicles, but one has to keep in mind that Libya is a huge country and the distances to cover are quite long.

The desert section can be a little bit tougher but we try to make it smoother as we provide comfortable means of transport and good camp conditions. And good entertainments that make you forget the desert hardships.

As Libya has just recently opened its doors to tourism, we are aware that exploring tourism has to be a responsible act in order to protect the social, historical and natural environment of this country.


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Tour No. 8 - Sahara of Fezzan & the Lakes of Awbari:8 Days

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